95-2326 dusty green

Svealin is a unique linen-wallpaper, well-known by a beautiful and classic design.

The design is unique and gives the appearance of a living wall because of the characteristics in the linen yarn as well as a 3D effect.

The wallpaper consists of 100% linen yarn with a paperbacking of FSC-certified paper.

Svealin is produced in Kinna, Sweden, since 1964, nowadays by Kinnalin AB

We are certified by ISO 14001 for many years.


Facts about Svealin wallpaper

  • The wallpaper is well known for its durability and will last many years.
  • It is environmentally friendly:
    • We use 100% linen yarn of the best quality grown in Belgium/Normandy. The paperbacking is FSC certified.
    • Raw materials are produced in Europe to avoid unnecessary transports.
    • Production is done by renewable energy consumption
  • When mounted correctly, the wallpaper appears to be seamless.
  • The wallpaper is wipeable with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.
  • Good effect on acoustic damping
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Wallpaper Length: 10.05 m
Wallpaper Width: 0.78 m
Area per roll: 7.84 m²
Pattern Repeat: N/A
Light fastness: min 5
Pattern fitting: N/A
Cleavability: Yes