What makes you unique?

The unique thing about our wallpaper is that our linen wallpaper creates an irregular pattern on the wall which, like water, is difficult to tire of.
Consequently, we and many others say that the wallpaper brings walls to life.

How is it that the wallpaper appears to come to life?

The unique appearance and structure of linen mean that colours are absorbed differently, which means that light is reflected differently. The effect is that the appearance of the wallpaper changes across the surface when you look at the wallpaper both straight on and from an angle.
This phenomenon makes us unique and it’s what brings the walls to life.
This is even more apparent with our patterns that change in appearance depending on the angle from which you look at the wall.

What is Sveagården?

Sveagården is the first collection from our Svealin brand.
What makes Sveagården unique is the patterned linen wallpaper that has never been made before. We’ve developed a print that is enhanced by the linen and brings the room to life. At the same time, we never compromise on the distinctive appearance of the wallpaper created by the linen. We’ve chosen neutral colours for this collection, with the intention that the wallpaper should last many years, both as a collection and on your walls. This is also a kind of environmental responsibility.

What is Svealin?

Svealin is a new wallpaper brand launched in 2020 by Kinnalin T o L AB.
The wallpaper is a successor to Kinnasand wallpaper, which was developed almost 40 years ago in collaboration with Flügger, known colloquially as “Flüggerkvalitén”.
We’ve chosen to recreate the design as it looked and we’ve taken the opportunity to work with the different colours and patterns that this design allows for.
Similar wallpaper has been manufactured in Kinna since the 1960s. It remains very popular, for its appearance and its superb quality.

Who are Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik AB?

Kinnalin is the factory that produces Svealin, and Svealin is a brand of this wallpaper.

What environmental measures do you have in place?

Kinnalin, the production entity, has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 for several years. You can find out more about the factory’s environmental efforts on the Kinnalin website.

Where can I buy your wallpaper?

The wallpaper is available from our retailers, who you will find under the tab “retailers”. Please get in touch and we’ll help you.
For larger projects, since we produce our wallpaper in Kinna, we can make custom designs and colours.
Please contact us directly so that we can familiarise ourselves with your project.

Our factory is located in what’s left of the Kinnasand production facility in Kinna, in the middle of Sweden’s textile country.

How is your wallpaper made?

Our wallpaper is manufactured in three steps. First, the yarn is warped. Then it is run in the wallpaper machine, before being inspected and distributed in smaller rolls.
To find out more about our production process, please visit the website for Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik AB. Alternatively, if you’re passing by, we’ll gladly show you how we make our wallpaper.

Where is your wallpaper made?

The wallpaper is made by Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik AB in Kinna, in the middle of Sweden’s textile country. The factory dates back to the 19th century but now it is just a remnant of what it once was. At its peak, the factory was known as Kinnasand. For more information about the company, please visit the Kinnalin website.

What raw materials do you use?

We use 100% linen grown in Belgium, where the best (highest-quality) linen in the world is grown. As a carrier, we use FSC-certified paper.
The binding is a type of plastic that, in combination with the linen, provides a durable surface that makes it wipeable. The colour comes from colour pigments that are highly resistant to sun bleaching.

There’s rubbish in wallpaper, is that true?

The textile in our wallpaper is 100% linen. The properties of linen result in darker areas, thicker areas, and loose fibres that some people think is rubbish, but this is actually what makes the wallpaper special.
These beauty spots can be seen only when you stand very close to the wallpaper, and they disappear once you step back and look at the wall as a whole.

I’ve ordered wallpaper in the same colour, but the colour doesn’t exactly match the wallpaper from my first order. Why?

You’ve probably received the wrong print number.
If you need to place an additional order, you must always state the print number to get exactly the same shade. We always ask for this number if we know that this is the purpose of your order.

Why isn’t Swedish-grown linen used?

As far as we know, linen is no longer grown in Sweden other than on a very small scale. Kinnasand wallpaper used to be made partly from Swedish linen from Hälsingland.

What happened to Kinnasand?

Kinnasand was sold to Kvadrat around the turn of the millennium. Kvadrat still uses the Kinnasand brand and sells curtains. The factory was renamed Sanden Textiles, but unfortunately its finances didn’t stack up and the factory was forced into bankruptcy some years later. Most of the machinery was sold and scrapped.
The production of wallpaper remained, however, and the company Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik was created.

Please get in touch and we’ll help you as best we can.

My wallpaper has been damaged. What do I do?

Unlike more conventional wallpaper, Svealin can usually be repaired. It can be a little tricky, so you must be patient.
Using a sharp knife, the damaged section can be removed and a new piece inserted. The unique structure of the wallpaper means that the joint will be almost invisible, provided that you don’t go looking for it.
Please get in touch for more tips and advice before you start.

Can I get more information about how you produce your wallpaper?

Of course!
The Kinnalin website contains photos and a short video of our production process. If you’re passing by, let us know and we might be able to arrange a study visit!

What is Novalin?

Novalin is another brand that originates from Kinnasand wallpaper. The wallpaper was made in Kinnalin for many years, but production moved from Sweden in June 2020 and the original production equipment is no longer used.

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