About Svealin

Although Svealin is a new wallpaper brand, we use the same machines to manufacture our wallpaper as were used for the classic Kinnasand wallpaper. The Novalin brand is also used for this wallpaper and has been previously manufactured by us.

Production takes place in the same way as it did back in 1964. The production of this wallpaper is a craft that we’re incredibly proud of and would like to continue so that further generations can enjoy the charm of linen wallpaper.

Our key values are:
exclusivity, dynamism, sustainability, togetherness, and acceptance

Our wallpaper is exclusive because no one other than Kinnalin (us) can currently make wallpaper like it.

The design of the wallpaper brings the wall to life, and its appearance changes depending on how you look at the wall. It’s like moving water – you never get tired of it.

The wallpaper is fantastically durable thanks to its longevity, which helps to minimise environmental impact, as well as the natural raw materials we use, such as 100% high-quality linen. All of this results in a product that we’re incredibly proud of.

We make this wallpaper together within the Kinnalin company, and everyone plays a role. This gives us a sense of togetherness and of acceptance of everyone’s contribution to the process.

Svealin is made by Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik AB.

Kinnalin is what remains of Kinnasand’s production company, and we’re located in their former production facilities. Svealin is made using the same machines, so we feel as though we’re managing a piece of cultural heritage dating back to the 1880s.