Novalin -high quality wallcovering made in Sweden!

Novalin is well known and highly respected amongst architects and interior designers and is to be found in the finest hotels & restaurants and prestigious offices.

Our wallcovering is made of 100% linen – a wonderful natural material that feels exclusive thanks to its structure.It is produced here in Kinna, Sweden, and can be compared to craftwork. Hundreds of threads of the finest linen are fed into the machine and must be kept in the right place to create this unique linen wallpaper.

This Swedish design classic has been produced for almost 60 years and in the 70´s and 80´s one of the best appreciated textile wallcoverings ever and was sold in several millions of meters.

  • 100% linen
  • No joints
  • Sound absorbing
  • Width 0,78m (30,7 inches)
  • Long durability
  • Environment friendly
  • FSC-marked paperbacking
  • Timeless

Sveagården collection

There is a logic behind our choice of wallpaper for the Sveagården collection. What first catches the eye is the dynamism of the wall – an irregular pattern that changes with the light and angle you look at it from.

Our unique patterned wallpaper seems to diffuse the print, and the pattern changes depending on the angle from which you look at the wall.

Our mono-colour wallpaper has the same dynamic effect, and the more muted, neutral colours we’ve chosen suit any environment.

The pattern is suited to several of our mono-colour designs, offering almost infinite combinations and enable you to find a match for your unique style.

We think the timeless designs of the linen wallpaper in our Sveagården collection will add life to your walls and give you enjoyment for years to come without you having to follow the whims of fashion.


All our linen wallpaper is manufactured by Kinnalin Tapet och Logistik AB. We’re based in the former factory of Kinnasand, located in Kinna in Sweden, in the Municipality of Mark. You might say that we’re what remains of Kinnasand’s production and that we’re keeping alive the spirit of textiles that still prevails here in the middle of Sweden’s textile country.

The wallpaper is made of natural raw materials, with 100% linen and FSC-certified paper, the same materials as were used in Kinnasand’s wallpaper. The production process is the same as when it started in 1964. Although the wallpaper machine needs a lot of love, it still creates small wonders.
We think it’s important to use top-quality raw materials, and this is reflected in the product – unique linen wallpaper that you won’t find anywhere else.

Along with many others, we call what we do a craft, and this is something that we’re truly proud of and happy to show off.


Our wallpaper is of the highest quality. Thanks to its timeless design, it won’t need to be changed for many years. We work with the finest raw materials to create an incredibly durable and sustainable product in terms of both quality and the environment.

There are several examples of our wallpaper still being up after more than 20 years, without any sign of deterioration.

We work with colour pigments that keep sun bleaching to a minimum. From time to time we get calls from customers looking for a matching colour to repair their wallpaper following damage, and we can often help. However, it must be remembered that there will always be a slight difference when comparing two production runs of the same colour. This is because we work with natural materials. Linen has slight variations in colour depending on the harvest and this can be reflected in our production runs, which may also have a slight difference in colour. However, you will have to look very carefully in order to notice it.



We believe the future of our planet requires sustainability.

The most important step we can take to help the environment is to use products for a long time. In this regard, linen wallpaper is in a class of its own thanks to its quality, which in turn ensures its longevity, which is good from an environmental perspective.

In addition, we use natural plant-based materials as much as possible to make our linen wallpaper, and we work with suppliers in Europe to keep transport to a minimum.

Our production staff apply their meticulousness and professional skills in their preparations to minimise any product rejects. Should something still go wrong, we sell our seconds through our online shop.

We’re also certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and have been for a long time.

Benefits of wallpaper

This type of textile wallpaper is called linen wallpaper. The structure of the wallpaper gives us several technical advantages in addition to the purely aesthetic ones.

  • The biggest advantage of linen wallpaper is that the joint is almost invisible. It is there, of course, but it is very difficult to find.
  • When you work with as many threads running alongside each other as we do, you get an incredibly strong wallpaper longitudinally, which means it’s highly unlikely to shrink, unlike paper wallpaper. However, the wallpaper is as sensitive as paper wallpaper width-wise, so you should always avoid pulling on the wallpaper when it’s wet. We recommend that you read the hanging instructions carefully before you start work. If you do things correctly, you won’t experience any problems.
  • The surface layer of the wallpaper is water-resistant, making it wipeable and protecting the thread and underlying paper so that any spills can be wiped off before they soak into the material. The combination of the thread and the surface layer is what makes the wallpaper so durable.
  • Since the wallpaper is textile-based with a soft structure, it also noticeably dampens noise. Quite simply, a room with our wallpaper is quieter.


Many people recognise our wallpaper. Many, many metres of its predecessor from Kinnasand were produced after it all began in the 1960s.

We often encounter stories of people who remember the wallpaper from their grandma’s living room, while others tell us how they fiddled around with the wallpaper in the bedroom when spending the night at their aunt’s. There are even stories about how the cat climbed the wallpaper in a neighbour’s house! Common to all these tales is how fondly people speak of the wallpaper.

We believe that these stories live on because the wallpaper is special in terms of both its appearance and its longevity, thanks to its superb quality. The wallpaper is very durable and will last for a generation. A Norwegian lady once proudly told us that she’d had our wallpaper for more than 30 years in her snug, but that it was now time to change it because the colour had dulled.

We now hope that a new generation will see the value of our unique wallpaper and appreciate it. We’d love to hear about your memories and stories of our wallpaper.

Please get in touch at or via the contact form on our website and tell us your story. We’ll then add these to our social media and this website.